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Technical specifications:

Model: 3300
Typical use: retailers, vending operators, municipalities, restaurants
Verification types: Infrared security marks
Magnetic ink
Color spectrum analysis
Verification speed: Less than 1 second/bill
Features: Totals by denomination
Grand total
Display type: High resolution LCD
Weight: 1.1 lb
Dimensions: 4.75'' x 5.25'' x 2.75''
Power source: 110/220 VAC
New $100 software upgrade: Find out if your older 3300 requires an upgrade, click here.


Why use a counterfeit detector?
Currency counters with detection capability check only for UV and MG security marks, which have been counterfeited. The Cassida 3300 not only verifies traditional magnetic marks, but additionally checks for infrared security marks. These marks are the most advanced security feature of US bills, and have not knowingly been counterfeited. The Cassida 3300 is built with the most reliable detection technology available in the industry, and can detect counterfeit super bills as well as any washed counterfeits.

Shield Logo

Counterfeit Shield Guarantee
Our state of the art technology will protect you against any counterfeits made anywhere in the world. We back that promise with our Counterfeit Shield Guarantee: We will reimburse you the full face value of the counterfeit bill should your Cassida 3300 accept it as genuine. Terms and conditions apply. Click here to register your product and to learn more about how the program works.

The Cassida 3300 is a fully automatic detector that does not require any bill authentication knowledge by an operator. The bill is fed in automatically, and operator is instantly alerted in case of a counterfeit bill. All this in less than a second. The LCD screen displays authenticated denomination totals and a grand total.

Ultra compact design
In addition to having the most compact design in the industry, the Cassida 3300 lets operator choose whether authenticated bills are ejected to the front or rear of the machine, which reduces its operating footprint to just a few square inches.

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