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Cassida 85

The Cassida 85 is a heavy-duty currency counter with a high capacity 1,000 bill hopper and three-way selectable speed which ensures an uninterrupted and comfortable count, even with the highest currency volume.

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IR-Detection is based on the use of special dyes which the human eye in normal light perceives as one color, but with the use of infra-red detection devices has different angles of reflection.

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Press Release - December 29, 2015

Cassida Omni-ID verifies both currency and IDs in a single machine

Cassida today is introducing the Omni-ID, a single machine that combines a powerful automatic counterfeit detector with advanced ultraviolet LED illumination to authenticate both US currency and IDs.
“The Cassida Omni-ID gives you confidence and protection by the dollars, identification cards and checks you take are genuine,” said Matt Goldfain, product marketing manager for Cassida. “The Omni-ID employs proven, technologically-advanced detections to automatically authenticate currency and IDs, alerting users to possible counterfeit bills and fake IDs.”
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Press Release - November 19, 2015

Cassida introduces industry-first Quattro 4-way automatic counterfeit detector to protect businesses from $200M counterfeit threat

Cassida Corporation today is introducing its Quattro 4-way automatic counterfeit detector, a powerful and easy tool businesses can use to prevent taking any of the estimated $200 million in counterfeit currency believed to be circulating in the United States.
“The Quattro counterfeit detector blends easy-to-use with powerful detection capabilities, creating an excellent foil to counterfeiters who attempt to distribute fake bills at retail locations, restaurants, municipalities, gas stations and other businesses,” said Matt Goldfain, product marketing manager for Cassida. “Not only does the Quattro offer all the available detections for protection and security, it is also so intuitive that businesses can begin using it immediately.”
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Press Release - October 13, 2015

Cassida intros Cube Mixed Value Bill Counter

Cassida Corporation today is introducing the Cassida Cube, a bill counter that automatically identifies denominations of mixed bills while it tracks both the count and value of bills run through it. Units begin shipping October 15.
“The Cube is an innovative mixed bill counter that automatically senses and determines the value of the money put into it,” said Matt Goldfain, product marketing manager for Cassida Corporation. “The Cube allows a cashier or cash handler to count a stack of bills and know immediately what the entire value of the stack is, broken down by denominations.”
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Press Release - March 1, 2015

Cassida Uno offers IR detection for easy currency authentication

Cassida Corporation today introduced its Uno Infrared Counterfeit Detector which instantly ensures retailers, banks and cash processing centers that the paper currency they are taking is, in fact, genuine.
The Uno is a state-of-the-art detector that identifies infrared (IR) security marks that are present on authentic currency, but are invisible to the naked eye. Users simply place paper bills of any denomination under the high resolution monitor to instantly confirm bills have the required infrared markings.
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Press Release - May 5, 2014

Nation finds its currency being counterfeited, but Cassida 2230 protects retailers from fake dollars 

Recent reports of counterfeit currency showing up across the nation this spring have some retailers wondering where to turn to be certain the dollars their customers are handing them are, in fact, legitimate currency.
Enter the Cassida 2230 Counterfeit Detector, which gives cash handlers a fast, easy way to authenticate the currency they’re handed is real.
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Press Release - May 1, 2014

Cassida 5700 bill turner feature creates a back loading bill counter with the ease and convenience of a top loader

Cassida Corporation today announced the introduction of its Cassida 5700 Professional Bill Counter, the company’s first to include a bill turner feature that gives the back loading machine the convenience of a top loading bill counter.
Bill counting is triggered immediately when a stack of bills is placed on top of the Cassida 5700. The revolutionary design automatically pushes the bills into the back of the machine and begins counting at a speed of up to 1,300 bills per minute, making the 5700 bill counter a perfect choice for mid-size and larger businesses that process significant amounts of cash. read full press release


Press Release - March 17, 2014

Cassida Corporation upgrades 5520 Professional Currency Counter, increasing efficiency of cash handling

Cassida Corporation today began shipping an upgraded version of its 5520 Professional Currency Counter that will save time and simplify operations for cash handlers and processors nationwide.
The new Cassida 5520 offers ValuCount™, an exclusive feature that lets users get a count of different denominations while keeping track of the total value of the bills in the machine’s stacker. “Cassida 5520 with ValuCount streamlines many cash handling duties,” said Matt Goldfain, product marketing manager for Cassida Corporation. “ValuCount essentially allows the Cassida 5520 to be both a bill counter and have some properties of a currency discriminator, which is unique to the marketplace.”
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Press Release - August 15, 2013

Cassida Corporation Announces Counterfeit Shield Guarantee

Cassida, a world leader in money handling equipment,announced today a new program designed to protect its customers even further from counterfeit currency. The program is called the Counterfeit Shield Guarantee and applies to one of their most advanced counterfeit detection products, the Cassida 3300. Cassida will reimburse the full face value of a counterfeit bill should a registered customer's Cassida 3300 accept it as genuine.
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Press Release - May 29, 2013

Cassida Corporation Announces Compatibility with the New $100 Bill

Cassida, a world leader in money handling equipment, announced today that their complete line of currency counting and counterfeit detection products is compatible with the new $100 bill which is set to debut on Oct. 8. “Cassida verifies the compatibility of our products with any new currency changes as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers,” said Matt Goldfain, Product Manager at Cassida North America.
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