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Mixed bill counters
Business Grade
Cassida Cube- NEW
Currency counters
Business Grade
Cassida Tiger series
Cassida 5520 series
Cassida 5700 series
Cassida Advantec 75 series
Cassida 6600 series
Bank Grade
Cassida 85 series
Counting scales
Business Grade
Cassida Till Tally
Cassida Till Tally Elite
Coin counters
Business Grade
Cassida C100
Cassida C200
Cassida C200 CAD
Cassida C500
Cassida C850
Bank Grade
Cassida C900
Counterfeit detectors
Cassida Quattro
Cassida InstaCheck
Cassida Omni-ID
Manual / Optical
Cassida UNO
Cleaning accessories
CleanBill Pro
CleanPro swab
Cassida dust cover

We are passionate about our products. We strive to perfect every step of the money handling process, and our machines are the result of that passion.  Our equipment is designed to make counting simple, efficient, and comfortable.  The accuracy and reliability of the line of Cassida currency handling equipment makes them an indispensable tool in your personal or corporate business.


Cassida products are highly versatile and offer a wide selection of functions for counting, sorting, packaging, and verifying coin or paper currency. Whether you are a grocery store looking for a currency counter to reconcile your cash revenue at the end of the day, or a busy bank branch continuously processing coins and paper money, Cassida has a product for your individual needs. You will find Cassida products are dependable and accurate money handling solutions for light to high volume applications. They are suitable for banks, restaurants, nightclubs, movie theaters, gas stations, and other cash intensive businesses.


When money is at the core of your business, when speed and reliability is your reputation and accuracy is your image, team up with Cassida machines — professional money processing solutions specifically designed for cash intensive operations.

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