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Welcome to Cassida

Are you tired of recounting money at the end of the day?  Would you like to make sure bills are not counterfeit? Does your currency counter make unnecessary stops while counting? 

Let Cassida machines breeze you through the enhanced money counting experience. Accurate, reliable and featuring special error prevention software, Cassida machines will become your smart personal assistants.

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Currency counters
Cassida 5510 UV
Cassida 5520 series
Cassida 6600 series
Cassida Advantec 75 series
Cassida Tiger series
Cassida 85 series
Coin sorters
Cassida C100
Cassida C200
Cassida C200 CAD
Cassida C500
Cassida C800
Cassida C900
Counterfeit detectors
Cassida 2200
Cassida 3300
Cassida 3310
Cassida SmartCheck
Cassida M18
Cleaning accessories
Cassida CleanBill Pro
Cassida CleanPro swab
Cassida dust cover

Are you ready for new US $100 bill?


Rigorously tested
All models of Cassida currency counters and counterfeit money detectors are compatible with the new $100 bill. Buy with confidence from any online retailer or office supply store!

To verify that your legacy Cassida product is compatible please click here

For information on the new bill click here

Currency security features

IR-Detection is based on the use of special dyes which the human eye in normal light perceives as one color, but with the use of infra-red detection devices has different angles of reflection.

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