Mix bill counters

Mix bill counters

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1-Pocket Mixed Bill Counter flawlessly handles mixed denominations and supports different currencies      
2-Pocket Mixed Bill Counter offers the most convenient and accurate way to count and organize cash  

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9900R 9900R 8800R
  9900R 8800R
Grade Premium Bank Grade Business Grade
Machine Type 2-Pocket Mixed Denomination Value Counter Mixed Denomination Value Counter
Display LCD (TFT) 3.5" Screen
External LED Screen
LCD (TFT) 3.5" Screen
External LED Screen
Counterfeit Detection UV, MG, IR, 2-CIS, MT, DD, DB, HLF UV, MG, IR, 2-CIS, MT, DD, DB, HLF
Value Count Mixed Denomination Mixed Denomination
Serial Number Recognition
Currencies USD, CAD, MXN, EUR, GBP (Pre-installed)
Support more than 100 currencies
USD, CAD, MXN, EUR, GBP (Pre-installed)
Support more than 100 currencies
Modes Count, Mix, Add, Batch, Add/Batch, Sort by Denom (Continuous), Face & Orientation (Continuous) Count, Mix, Add, Batch, Add/Batch
Pockets 2 Pockets (Continuous Counting and Sorting with the Reject Pocket) Single Pocket (Manually remove bills when Sorting)
Counting Speed 800/1000 pcs/min 800/1000/1200 pcs/min




Mixed Bill counter



At counting speeds of 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, and even 1500 bills per minute, our counterfeit detector, bill counter and sorter solutions provide unparalleled efficiency and convenience to your business.


An automatic cash counter removes the “human error” factor from your money counting by unfailingly supplying 100% accurate counts. Inbuilt counterfeit detection systems stop illegitimate bills more reliably than any other method.


All of our products come equipped with at least a 1-year warranty that shields you against device-related failures and manufacturing defects, therefore ensuring uninterrupted functioning and preventing productivity loss for your business.

Advanced Tech

High-end infrared, ultraviolet, magnetic ink, and size detection systems ensure that your cash is counted rapidly and correctly, while also protecting your company from fake bills. Compact design adds further convenience.

Easy to Use

Cassida products are expertly designed to be used effectively by people with no previous training. Simply follow the instructions outlined in the user manual. The products work out of the box, with no special setup needed.


Our range of money counting and counterfeit detection products is designed to offer solutions to all businesses which work with cash on a regular basis, regardless of size. Our highly competitive pricing reflects that.