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Simple and efficient Pass/Fail indicators, help safeguard your business against fraud

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Automatic Counterfeit Detector with Infrared Technology
  • Quick and conclusive: confirm a bill's authenticity in less than a second with a clear "Pass" or "Fail" indication.
  • Advanced counterfeit detection: scans money and cross-references a comprehensive database of infrared, magnetic and ultraviolet markings to confirm authenticity.
  • Compact and lightweight, the InstaCheck™ will fit anywhere the authenticity of cash may need to be verified.
  • Backed by a one-year warranty and a helpful, US-based support team.
 Business Grade
 Magnetic Detection
 Infrared Detection
 Ultraviolet Detection
 Spectrum Detection
 Fluorescence Detection
 Variable Ink Detection
 Security Line Detection
Rechargeable Battery (sold separately)
Easy-to-Read Pass/Fail Indicator
Industry Use
Gas Station
Mixed Denomination 
0.5 notes/sec
UV: Ultraviolet Sensors
MG: Magnetic Sensors
MT: Metallic Thread Security
IR: Infrared Sensors
DD: Double Dimension Validation
DB: Double Bill Thickness Verification
ID: Image Processing Technology
Brand new, Worn, Slightly damaged, Slightly ripped. Not suitable for very worn bill
1-year product warranty and Lifetime technical support
1 x Cassida Instacheck Counterfeit Detector
1 x User Manual
1 x Power Cord
6600 best business grade bill counter

Quickly and accurately identify counterfeits with ease.


  • Quick and conclusive: Confirms bill authenticity in less than a second with a clear "Pass" or "Fail" indication.
  • Advanced counterfeit detection: Scans money and cross-references infrared, magnetic, and ultraviolet markings for accuracy.
  • Compact and lightweight design: Fits anywhere to verify cash authenticity.
  • One-year warranty and US-based support team: Provides peace of mind and reliable customer service.
  • Affordable solution from America's #1 brand in cash handling: Trustworthy and budget-friendly solution from Cassida.
6600 bill counter save time and money


6600 bill counter save time and money


Industry Use…

  • Retail Stores: The Instacheck can scan bills in less than 1 second, which can protect your business from counterfeit bills.
  • Small to Medium Businesses: The Instacheck can reduce mistakenly accepting counterfeit bills by utilizing UV, MG and IR detection sensors.
  • Gas Stations: Quickly and inconspicuously scan bills for authenticity and avoid counterfeit bills.
  • Farmer's Markets: The Instacheck compact size and portability make it a great option for businesses that are constantly on the move or limited in space.

Designed, Engineered & Inspected in the USA

3 - Years extended Warranty
Easy & Fast Exchange (within 6 months)
FREE Lifetime Professional Support

America’s #1 Brand in Business-grade

The Cassida Quattro™ is the perfect counterfeit detection choice for busy businesses: pairing simple, user-friendly operation with powerful counterfeit detection capabilities. The Quattro™ can accept bills in any of the four possible directional orientations and instantly reports whether money is genuine or suspect. Eliminate the frustration of false rejects due to an incorrect orientation insertion and slash training time for employees with the Quattro's extraordinarily simple operation. When checking a bill, the Quattro's digital display will clearly indicate a Pass or Fail along with a confirmation of the bill's denomination.


The Quattro™ utilizes Cassida's proprietary M Algorithm™ system for counterfeit detection to ensure accurate protection while also boasting the lowest "false reject" rate of any manufacturer. The Quattro™ is also easy to upgrade, so when there's a change in United States currency, it can continue to keep your business protected from fraudulent bills.


Small, durable and portable (thanks to its included rechargeable battery), the Quattro™ is an ideal choice for crowded check stands, outdoor sales events, street fairs and more!


Quattro™ is backed by a one-year warranty and Cassida's helpful, US-based support team.If you count on cash for your business, count on America’s #1 brand in business-grade currency handling solutions: Cassida!



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LED with Pass/Fail Graphic Overlay

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3.00 lbs.

Document Downloads

User Manual | Sales Sheet

Customer Reviews

Its in the mail
Review by
I just mailed this money identifier its in the mail
Great machine.
Review by
Great machine ... I am on my second one -- the first one stopped after 1 year and 1 month...sent it in for "repair" will see...But, we cannot survive without the machine -- fast and quick.
Five Stars
Review by
Works great
Great product!
Review by
I really liked it. it can be false with the real money and that is because the money could be worn down torn really wrinkled. You just have a money pen for back up.
Very useful
Review by
Other than figuring out you have to put the bill through the system twice when it's been left idle for a period of time. The first time to turn it on this is a useful piece of machinery.
Five Stars
Review by
Love this product!!!
Review by
So far it’s been one day and we love it!!! Very easy to use. We deal with high volume of money on a daily and this is just what we need.
Five Stars
Review by
Good machine
Excellent product
Review by
Would buy again!
Detects bad bills
Review by
This was our first season to use and we double checked all $100 bills. We checked 50 and the machine was right everytime. You must remember to insert bill in correct direction!
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Where is the serial number for my unit?

A:Your serial number is a string of numbers and letters unique to your unit located underside of your unit.

How do I clean and maintain my unit?

A:Here is a link to the Cassida Instacheck Cleaning Procedure PDF:Cassida Instacheck Cleaning Procedure

How often does my unit need to be cleaned?

A:Like other detectors on the market, standard maintenance and cleaning of the unit are important and recommended to significantly prolonging the lifespan of the product. Cleaning the unit helps prevent issues that may lead to a variety of errors like genuine bills being rejected. At Cassida, we suggest performing weekly cleaning on the unit to maintain top performance.

What kind of battery does my unit use?

A:The Cassida Instacheck can be used with a power supply or can be portable through the use of a battery. The battery for the Instacheck are made specifically for our units and have to be purchased from CassidaUSA. For more information on how to purchase a battery refer to the question “Where can I get a battery for my unit?”. See battery specifications below: • 12V • 5400mAh • Output Current: 3A (max) **IMPORTANT: Unless you are charging the battery, the unit has to be unplugged when using the battery to avoid damage to the battery.**

How do I get a battery for my unit?

A:The batteries for the Instacheck are made specifically for our units and have to be purchased from CassidaUSA. To purchase a battery open a support ticket here, and our customer service team can further assist you with a battery purchase. **IMPORTANT: Unless you are charging the battery, the unit has to be unplugged when using the battery to avoid damage to the battery.**

Does my unit detect counterfeit notes?

A:The Cassida Instacheck is designed to detect and flag various counterfeit notes. The Instacheck utilizes Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and Magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection methods to help keep businesses safe and secure.

Why does my unit reject genuine bills?

A:Please see the attached document for troubleshooting the Cassida Instacheck when it is rejecting genuine bills: • Cassida Instacheck Bill Loading Guide

What could cause a genuine bill to fail?

A:There are a few reasons that a detector may fail a genuine bill. If bills are worn, bent, torn, or crumpled, the anti-counterfeit features needed to verify a bill as genuine may be compromised. For example, the magnetic ink on a note may wear over time or heavy use, reducing the magnetic response to below detection thresholds. If the Instacheck cannot verify the correct features expected on a note, the unit will fail the bill. If the sensors are dirty or damaged, the Instacheck will not be able to detect necessary anti-counterfeit features needed to pass the bill. Another possible reason is improper bill loading of the machine. If the bills orientation and alignment is skewed, it can cause a genuine bill to fail. Another possible reason is that the detection sensors may be incorrectly calibrated, lost reference, or be under operating conditions that cause false positives. In order to reduce these error types, it is advised to operate the unit out of direct sunlight and reduce interference that may cause sensor errors. If this occurs frequently under normal operation, please contact Cassida Technical Support for troubleshooting or service.

Does this unit keep count of bills added?

A:No, this unit is a counterfeit detector. It checks one bill at a time and displays either "PASS" if the bill is genuine, and "FAIL" if the bill is suspect. Run the bill at least 3 times before rejecting the bill as counterfeit.

Does this unit keep count of added value all day or per run?

A:No, the Instacheck is mainly for checking whether a bill is counterfeit or genuine.

Does this unit recognize note value?

A:No, the Instacheck is a counterfeit detector that checks one bill at a time. It cannot tell the different denominations of bills.

What does the 1-year warranty cover?

A:For warranty information, please visit: To activate your warranty in the US or Canada, please register your product online by visiting In other countries, go to In most cases, the malfunction of machine can be resolved by cleaning the unit. Please refer to the question "How do I clean my unit and how often does it need to be cleaned?"

What information do I need to provide for a support claim?

A:When providing a support claim, please have the following information ready: • You contact information • The product serial number - To find your serial number refer to the second question (Where is the serial number for my unit? What does it look like?) • The subject of your request • A brieif description of the failure that has been encountered.

How do I get my unit repaired?

A:Contact Cassida Support through our webpage at: and create a support ticket. The customer service representative assigned to your ticket will respond with troubleshooting techniques, or arrange for an on-site repair at our facility.

How can I reach Cassida customer and technical support?

A:Please visit to create a support ticket or call 1-888-800-0303.
" title="Cassida Instacheck Counterfeit Detector Calibration Procedure" allowfullscreen>


At counting speeds of 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, and even 1500 bills per minute, our counterfeit detector, bill counter and sorter solutions provide unparalleled efficiency and convenience to your business.


An automatic cash counter removes the “human error” factor from your money counting by unfailingly supplying 100% accurate counts. Inbuilt counterfeit detection systems stop illegitimate bills more reliably than any other method.


All of our products come equipped with at least a 1-year warranty that shields you against device-related failures and manufacturing defects, therefore ensuring uninterrupted functioning and preventing productivity loss for your business.

Advanced Tech

High-end infrared, ultraviolet, magnetic ink, and size detection systems ensure that your cash is counted rapidly and correctly, while also protecting your company from fake bills. Compact design adds further convenience.

Easy to Use

Cassida products are expertly designed to be used effectively by people with no previous training. Simply follow the instructions outlined in the user manual. The products work out of the box, with no special setup needed.


Our range of money counting and counterfeit detection products is designed to offer solutions to all businesses which work with cash on a regular basis, regardless of size. Our highly competitive pricing reflects that.